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Testimonial 12

30 September 2023 Posted by admin
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“Greetings, my name is Mr. Zeno Facilities Director for Solera @ Apple Valley. I’m very pleased to welcome a new vendor relationship to our community out in the high desert of Apple Valley. Our Facilities host eight controlled access drive gates and variable pedestrian-controlled access points throughout the facilities and grounds. We have experienced significant challenges with existing components within our systems and previous vendor conflict in service repair request. VG-TEC has been a significant source in alleviating much of both. VG-TECHs professional communication, prompt response time and reliable technical ability has confidently secured themselves as one of our much-preferred vendors. As a former business owner, contractor and government employee. I can tell you as many things that are busy most of the time. Not havening to worry about a reputable vendor is one very important thing I can say for VG-TECH. I know VG-TECH will resolve our issue when called. Thank you for your service VG-TECH.”

Jameson Z. | Apple Valley, CA