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Testimonial 15

17 March 2024 Posted by admin
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“I contracted Another Company (unlicensed) to make and install a custom wrought Iron driveway gate. The job was abandoned and not installed. The owner dropped the gate off and left me hanging. My driveway had been open with no security for my home May 22, 2023. I was really stressed.

I searched Yelp for a Verified Licensed Contractor I found VG tech.
I spoke to Maya, I explained My situation. I sent email pictures.
The next day Dmitry came out and gave me a estimate took some parts to powder coat.

VG Tech Technicians came out, arrived at scheduled time installed gate
and gave my a guarantee for work done.

This is a company that truly understood what I was going thru for weeks
dealing with another unlicensed contractor.

The Safety & Security of My Family and Home without driveway Gate open for weeks. The compassion of Everyone at VG Tech was felt and known.”

A. G. | Corona, CA